2022 DHL GoTrade GBSN Fellowship Program

This Fellowship Program is designed to partner selected postgraduate business students with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the developing world with the aim of fostering greater cross-border trade. This directly addresses our collective mission at GBSN –– to improve access to quality, locally relevant management and entrepreneurial education for the developing world. GoTrade is education and access.



The Fellowship Program teaches SMEs and Fellows about the value of cross-border trade and gives SMEs the tools to access the global marketplace. Helping SMEs in the world’s developing and least developed countries access global markets is a proven way to connect people and improve lives.


Creating meaningful experiential learning opportunities for top performing business students who will learn through collaboration with the SMEs how to operate in often ill-defined markets, with scarce resources, in less structured environments.

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What Type of Scholarship is this?


Who can apply for DHL GoTrade GBSN Fellowship Program?

Graduate students from across the globe who meet the following criteria are invited to apply.

  1. Enrolled at a participating GBSN member school at the start fellowship
  2. Commitment to complete 12 month fellowship program
  3. Fluency in either English, French, Spanish, or Portuguese
  4. Ability to commit to an estimated 12 to 15 hours per month
  5. Proven work experience
  6. Strong analytical skills
  7. Entrepreneurial and proactive mindset
  8. Pandemic dependent, ability to travel to home country of the SME for 1-2 weeks (expenses covered)

Which Countries are Eligible?

Locations of GBSN member schools

Where will Award be Taken?

  • 28 SMEs selected from Africa and South America
  • 31 Post-experience Graduate Students selected from participating GBSN member schools

What is the Benefit of DHL GoTrade GBSN Fellowship Program?

Pairing Students + SMEs

The Fellowship Program will pair graduate business students (MBA/MSc) with SMEs for 12 months. Each GoTrade GBSN Fellow will be assigned an SME to advise, consult, and collaborate with. The GoTrade GBSN Fellowship Program will convene regular virtual sessions bringing all students together with speakers on relevant subject matter to aid their learning objectives, with the additional goal of fostering networking among peers.

Fellows will be supported by:

  • DPDHL mentors
  • Cohort of peers: the inaugural group will form the Alumni Network of GoTrade GBSN Fellows
  • Coaching and mentoring with SMEs
  • DPDHL Certified Program learning journey covering basics of international trade

How Long will the Program Last?

The Fellowship Program will pair graduate business students (MBA/MSc) with SMEs for 12 months.

How to Apply for DHL GoTrade GBSN Fellowship Program:

If you or your school is interested in participating in the GoTrade GBSN Fellowship Program please submit an expression of interest here.

It is important to go through all application requirements before applying.


Visit Award Webpage for Details

The Application Deadline is 30th November 2022

2022 DHL GoTrade GBSN Fellowship Program
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