2022 Enlighten Empower Grow Summit

Deadline (y-m-d): 2022-10-14

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Are you an aspiring female entrepreneur aged 18-30? Are you experiencing challenges in running your business? Do you need an “urgent seed fund” to help you scale your business? HELP HAS COME!

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About 2022 Enlighten Empower Grow Summit

According to a recent NOIPolls poll, women in Nigeria face financial empowerment as their biggest concern. This poll also showed a number of socioeconomic issues encountered by women in Nigeria, taking into account the underappreciated role most women play in development and the necessity to ensure equitable opportunities for the advancement of sustainable human development.

According to the findings of a poll conducted among women across the country, some of the issues include a lack of financial empowerment (42%), poverty (35%), access to quality education (33%), gender inequality (19%), domestic violence (19%), sexual abuse (19%), cultural discrimination (19%), gender discrimination in employment (17%), religious discrimination (14%), physical abuse (13%), and rape (11%). Finally, the top three recommendations for addressing some of these situations include, among other things, establishing vocational training programs (40 percent), access to quality healthcare and healthcare professionals (39 percent), and access to funding.

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The Enlighten HER Initiative seeks to solve two of the problems by providing business funding and mentorship to beneficiaries.

It is also important that the right people have access to this funding hence we have an Empowerment Summit to train women on how to handle business properly and also provide mentorship.

How To Apply

The founder of the EMPOWER HER Initiative seeks to provide business funding and mentorship to beneficiaries.

This is what you need to do.

1. Log on here to apply straight away for funding.

2. Register for the virtual Enlighten Empower Grow Summit using this link.

It is a virtual summit only for women, and the focus is to provide participants with mentorship and business grant.

The Enlighten HER Initiative is strictly for women as we bridge the gap that has been created for a while now.

The Virtual Submit Training is on 14th October 2022

2022 Enlighten Empower Grow Summit

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