Let's advertise you...

Let's advertise you...

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With an extra 1,000+ daily impressions on our blog.

Our subscribers are real-time daily consumers of our content, which is mainly on global opportunities. See the types of content we publish and the type of users we have. Our advert works well for recruiters, businesses, coaches, startups, etc. 

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In addition to your ad being sent to all the groups and communities below, it will also be published on our blog.

Ad Packages


Mini | N1000

1 ad slot, content will be sent to all channels once. Do not appear on our blogs.



Basic | N3,000

3 ad slots, content sent to all channels for 3 days. Ad also appears on our blog pages across Mag, Lop & LH.



Standard | N5,000

6 ad slots, content sent to all channels for 6 days. Ad also appears on our blog pages across Mag, Lop & LH.


We will send your ad content to all our groups based on your preferred package. Note: You can book for multiple days. Book on WhatsApp here. 

Basic: 2 Ad Slots | 1 Day
4 months ago

Basic: 2 Ad Slots | 1 Day

2 ad slots, content sent to all groups two times a day. Note: You can book for multiple days.
Our Pick
Standard: 3 Ad Slots | Pinned Post | 1 Day
3 ad slots, content is sent to all our groups three times a day, also made a pinned post on all groups and channels for 24 hours. BONUS: We will edit and optimize your ad texts to encourage ...

Questions often asked...

Content are solely provided by the advertiser. Not more than 1 image or video per campaign (with texts & links).

Please note that you can change your ad content every time your ad is to be sent.

Each campaign spends a period of 24 hours on the TVs and 7 days in the groups and communities before it disappears.

We sell impressions, and we will provide a proof that your ad is delivered. However, results solely depends on what you are advertising and the ad content or copy you use.

Please be advised that ads that run repeatedly achieve better results. In this case, we highly recommend the standard package.

To verify the delivery of your ad, start by joining our groups before the ad is sent. You can ask our ad agent on WhatsApp for assistance on this once you book a package with us.

Once your ad is delivered, you will be notified on WhatsApp.

In some cases, you can specify the particular time you want, but normally, we send your ad at a time we think is the best due to other ads on queue and the time our users are most active.

Ad Insights

Make informed decisions by checking the kind of ads that are frequent on our platforms (in no particular order).

Make money online
Visa & Relocation
Job vacancy
Online tutoring

Reviews from Customers

We asked our customers after the completion of their campaigns how they feel about this service, below are some of their responses…

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Highly Rated

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  • People are already joining.
  • Very well the response has been great
  • I’ll like to continue the ads
  • You guys are lit. Am getting conversions already
  • You’re doing an amazing job
  • Im seeing response already.
  • It converted. I got tired of saving new numbers.
  • I did get what I expected…
  • I'll like to continue the ads
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