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Please have a look at our advertising packages and pick your choice. Our subscribers are real-time daily consumers of our content, which is mainly on global opportunities. Follow these links to see the types of opportunities we publish and the type of users we have. Our advert works well for recruiters, businesses, coaches, startups, etc.

Ad Packages


Mini | N1000

1 ad slot, to be sent to all channels once. If you do not use your ad slot in 3 days, it expires.



Basic | N3,000

3 ad slots, sent to all channels. One ad per day. Slots expire if you do not use them in 1 week.



Standard | N5,000

6 ad slots, sent to all channels. One ad per day. Slots expire if you do not use them in 10 days.


Questions often asked...

Content are solely provided by the advertiser. Not more than 1 image or video per campaign (with texts & links).

If you book the Basic or Standard package, please note that you can change your ad content every time your ad is to be sent.

This means, with a basic package for instance, you can run three different ads instead of running one ad  three times.

Each campaign spends a period of 24 hours on the TV and 7 days in the groups and communities before it disappears.

We sell impressions, and we will provide a proof that your ad is delivered. However, results solely depends on what you are advertising and the ad content or copy you use.

Please be advised that ads that run over a longer period of time achieve better results.

To verify the delivery of your ad, start by joining our groups before the ad is sent. You can ask our ad agent on WhatsApp for assistance on this once you book a package with us.

Once your ad is delivered, you will be notified on WhatsApp and via email.

In some cases, you can specify the particular time you want, but normally, we send your ad at a time we think is the best due to other ads on queue and the time our users are most active.

Reviews from Customers

We asked our customers after the completion of their campaigns how they feel about this service, below are some of their responses…

  1. Avatar photo
    princessjuliebesh at

    Thank you
    People have started joining the group.

    Selected Package: Standard

  2. Avatar photo
    hunderachael at

    Very well

    Selected Package: Mini

  3. Avatar photo
    odunayoogundare59 at

    Thank you God bless you sir/ma

    Selected Package: Mini

  4. Avatar photo
    Orseer25 at

    Very well the response has been great

    Selected Package: Basic

  5. Avatar photo
    sunnydaykins at

    I can see the turnout. It’s great!

    I will like to patronize you in subsequent cohorts.


    Selected Package: Standard

  6. Avatar photo
    nwonyefatima at

    I have gotten 40
    Whatsapp leads so far

    Selected Package: Standard

  7. Avatar photo
    orseer25 at

    Yeah really loved the last service

    Selected Package: Standard

  8. Avatar photo
    Ofunmi738 at

    I’ll like to continue the ads

    Selected Package: Standard

  9. Avatar photo
    dxcc1010 at

    Perfect. Appreciated much

    Selected Package: Mini

  10. Avatar photo
    Unregistered at

    I got prospects… all thanks to God

    Selected Package: Basic

  11. Avatar photo
    orseer25 at

    You guys are lit. Am getting conversions already

    Selected Package: Standard

  12. Avatar photo
    idongesiteyoakpan at

    Thank you 😊😊😊
    It’s very okay…

    Selected Package: Mini

  13. Avatar photo
    onidamilolaborah at

    I’m seeing conversion already. Thank you

    Though it is still low

    Selected Package: Mini

  14. Avatar photo
    OMOTAYO248 at

    Very great thanks allot am really grateful people have be coming to my wall

    Selected Package: Basic

  15. Avatar photo
    shehutijani66 at

    I did get what I expected…
    May be I will do the One for ,6 day’s later

    Selected Package: Basic

  16. Avatar photo
    emositechsolutions at

    Thank you for the last ads
    It converted. I got tired of saving new numbers.

    Selected Package: Mini

  17. Avatar photo
    faultyfix at

    I think the ads are doing well
    Though I am using it to test run for the next one

    Selected Package: Standard

  18. Avatar photo
    Preciousgift30 at

    Thank alot.
    Im seeing response already.

    Selected Package: Mini

  19. Avatar photo
    mesioyejohnson68 at

    Thanks so much
    You’re doing an amazing job

    Selected Package: Standard

  20. Avatar photo
    ugwuokepreciousogechi at

    The ad was fine my group is now 560 something

    Selected Package: Basic

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