6 Effective Study Tips That Will Help You Pass Your IELTS

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The International English Language Test popularly known as IELTS is an English Language Proficiency Exam that you must take in order to further your studies abroad.


A lot of countries demand that you take this test before you can be given a study permit. Most schools in The UK, The USA, Canada and a host of others ask for it. However, here is a list of Universities that do not require IELTS.
But the sad thing is a lot of students fail IELTS. To be honest with you, IELTS is not a difficult exam. Most people fail simply because of poor preparation.
Preparing hard doesn’t mean you should read the biggest dictionaries. It is simply knowing what is expected of you. As an added benefit, we have provided you with Free IELTS Study Materials to Download for offline use.

In this article, we’ll share six effective study tips that will help you in getting the perfect band score in your IELTS.

1. Make A Study Timetable:

IELTS encompasses just four areas. Viz: Writing, Reading, Speaking and Listening. Your Study Time table should be structured to fit in these four areas easily.
You could spend an hour listening, two hours reading and one or two hours writing or speaking. Never make the mistake of giving too much importance to one area.

They all matter. Study all of them effectively. Your study timetable will help you stay committed to studying and it gives you direction.

2. Build Your Vocabulary:

IELTS is an English exam. Building your vocabulary is a great way to prepare for it. There are a lot of English words whose existence you aren’t aware of.
Also, IELTS isn’t going to be the everyday English you speak with family and pals. It is different. This is why we advise you to build your vocabulary by reading across genres and regions.

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Reading is inarguably the best way to build a powerful word bank.

3. Register Early:

Early registration keeps you at ease and allows you enough time to study. This may sound absurd but it is a truism known to all.

When you register late, you are likely to be disturbed and stresses. And you know full well that this is a bad state for studying.

4. Listen To The Natives:

This is yet another powerful tip that will help you ace your exams. You’d agree with us that native English speakers speak differently.
This doesn’t imply that the non-native does not speak well, it simply points out the existence of variations in English.
Owing to the fact that you’ll be most likely tested by a native, we advise that you listen to the natives speak English so you can acquaint yourself with these variations.

5. Befriend Your Dictionary:

These days, dictionaries have become some big fancy books that sit on shelves idle. Do not embrace this bad norm if you just excel in your IELTS.

Make your dictionary your friend. Your IELTS band score would be thankful for it.

6. Take Quizzes:

There are a plethora of quizzes available on the internet. Practising with them will help you prepare intensively because most of these quizzes are structured like the real exam.


It is a great possibility to get a high band score in your IELTS even on your first sitting. Employ these effective study tips for the best results. We wish you good luck!

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