How to Win Undergraduate Scholarships in Nigeria

As a student, you may be wondering if there are even undergraduate scholarships in Nigeria available for you. Yes, there are! While they may be tough to come by, especially if you do not Subscribe to Latest Opportunities, this article will teach you how to apply for and win undergraduate scholarships in Nigeria.

Over the years, Undergraduate Scholarships in Nigeria have mitigated the impact of the country’s rising education costs and fees. People from underprivileged backgrounds have taken the opportunity of these undergraduate scholarships to make their education easier.

Basic Requirements for Winning Undergraduate Scholarships in Nigeria

  1. Be a full-time undergraduate student enrolled in a recognized Nigerian university.
  2. At the time of application, you must be an excellent 100 or 200-level student with a good CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average).
  3. Show proof of your UTME (Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations) score.
  4. (for direct entry students) Provide your university’s admission letter and your matriculation number, A-level or equivalent certificate for verification.

6 Steps to Apply and Win Undergraduate Scholarships in Nigeria

1. Do your Research

In Nigeria, there are numerous Undergraduate scholarship opportunities sponsored by various organizations. Some schools provide scholarships to both high-achieving and low-income students. One task you must learn is to research these scholarships to understand their requirements and to apply for multiple ones to increase your chances of winning one.

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2. Get Past Questions and Connect with Past Winners

These undergraduate scholarships are competitive; you must adequately prepare to win one. One method is to get cumulative past questions so that you can study them and be familiar with the questions that will be asked to perform better on them. Another step is to connect with previous winners to learn how they achieved such great fits and how you, too, can win like them.

3. Maintain A Good CGPA

Maintaining a solid CGPA is essential because it increases your chances of receiving an undergraduate scholarship in Nigeria. A Second Class Upper (2.1) or a First Class will be just fine. Also, note that if a recipient of the scholarship sees his CGPA decline while they pursue their education, they may lose the scholarship program and be replaced by a more deserving applicant.

4. Get Good Recommendation Letters

You must get recommendation letters from your lecturers, Head of Department or Dean of Faculty. Why? Some undergraduate scholarships require this because recommendation letters put a good word out there for you and can make your application stronger and more probable to win. Additionally, it presents you as a responsible student who won’t waste the scholarship funds.

5. Apply For The Scholarships

Yea put yourself out by applying to a bunch of scholarships. We have a lot out there. Ensure you study their guidelines and requirements and provide the information on the scholarship portals. Some of them might require you to write a test or exams. The test or exams might be online, while some might require you write it at a location in person, ensure you pick a location closer to you.

6. Continue to Follow Up

You must follow up on the scholarship you have applied for. So that you don’t miss out on some important information that may be passed across to you. Make sure you check your mailboxes and spam folders regularly.


The awards for undergraduate scholarships in Nigeria and how to win one may differ depending on the organizers, sponsors and awarding institutions. Nonetheless, the goal is to know the tricks associated with the application and eventually winning, That is why the bottom line is, read the details, requirements and application procedures of any scholarship opportunity well before starting the application process.

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