Pay Remita: How to make Remita Payment

You might need to generate a Remita Reference Number and make payment through a bank because practically all federal and state institutions in Nigeria accept payments of dues, fees, and taxes through Remita. Additionally, you can pay remita directly online if you wish to avoid the hassle of going through our banks’ ever-clogged lines.

You may receive a ticket from Federal Road Safety (FRSC) to pay fines. You might be required to use Remita to pay your tax (FIRS). You might be required by schools to create an RRR invoice and submit payment at any commercial bank in the country. You will be required to pay for your call-up letters via Remita by NYSC.

How To Create An RRR Code and Make Remita Payment

Remita reference numbers are typically generated online. In other words, no company will manually type your Remita; instead, they require you to generate it on a website. Then, you’re told to take this to a bank for payment and, if possible, use your ATM card to make the transaction (online)

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RRR is a 12-digit number. Any Nigerian commercial bank will accept payments made using this number. The invoice doesn’t have to be printed out. Simply take these numbers and write them down to your bank of choice.

How To Fill Teller If You Want To Pay Remita Through Bank

  • Request a teller when you visit a bank.
  • Fill in the date, the depositor’s name (your name), the phone number, the amount, and other pertinent fields. Enter the RRR copied or printed online for the Account Number. The name of the business you are paying is listed as the account name.
  • Keep in mind that RRR may extend beyond the spaces allotted for account numbers. Complete the boxes, then enter large numbers behind them. It’s acceptable and fine.
  • Present this to the counter after the filling and inform them it’s a Remita payment. Your payment will be processed, and you’ll receive a confirmation of payment receipt in your mail.

How to Pay Remita Directly Online

After copying the RRR, you can still make the same payments straight online for Road Safety, National Open University (NOUN), Federal Government College Tuition, JAMB change of Institutions, etc. if you don’t want to pay Remita through the bank. To do it, adhere to the advice below.

  • Copy your RRR
  • Visit
  • Locate the pay invoice. Click this and enter the RRR (Ctrl+V)
  • Click the pay invoice. This will redirect you to the Remita payment page. Here, you enter your ATM card details

Below are the card details needed

  • Name of on the Card
  • Card Number
  • Expiring Date of the Card
  • CVV Number or security code (last three numbers at the back of the Card)

To finish the payment, follow the other instructions. You will be asked to print the receipt at the very end.

If You Pay Remita Through The Bank Or Online Check This Important Information

Some banks will ask you to take the bank payment receipt to the organization or para statal in question if payments are made there, and if you pay remita online you will be able to print the receipt.

You ought to be able to retrieve your payment receipt from your email if you need it again. In other words, a copy of the payment receipt will be automatically sent to the email you gave for the generation of RRR after payment has been made online or at the bank. You are always free to search your email to get this printed.

You can resend the receipt via the Remita website if you can’t find the one that was sent to your email. You need to still have the payment RRR code on you in order to complete this. Visit, select the option to send an invoice receipt. Send it after entering the email that was used to create RRR initially. A copy of the receipt ought to have been sent to your email by now if the RRR code is accurate.

Some payments may require you to visit the school, organization, or parastatals website to confirm payment before you can move forward with online registration, regardless of whether you pay Remita at the bank or online. In this instance, adhere to the directions provided on the portal.

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