Top Fellowship Programs in Nigeria and How To Apply

Do you seek fellowship programs to apply for in your field of study or profession? This article will explain the importance of fellowship programs and how to apply for them in Nigeria.

Fellowship programs are short-term programs that can span a few years, but are usually only a few months long. Fellowships are mostly structured with wages and salary. In certain situations, fellows get extra advantages such as health care, housing, or loan repayment. However, the main value is the professional growth fellows may expect from the experience.

5 fellowship programs in Nigeria

Here are 5 top fellowship programs in Nigeria and how to apply

Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme

The Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme is a Federal Government of Nigeria youth empowerment partnership project backed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to alleviate the development impact of growing national unemployment and underemployment rates.

The Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme aims to deploy 20,000 highly trained Nigerian youngsters in commercial and public sector organisations of diverse sizes and sectors.

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To apply for this fellowship, complete and submit an online application form to indicate your interest in the programme.

Young Innovation Leaders Fellowship Program

Another Fellowship program in Nigeria is the Young Innovation Leaders Fellowship Program. The YIL Fellowship is a four-month yearly leadership immersion programme in innovation management.

It aims to empower young people to achieve their ultimate career goals while inspiring innovation in their respective fields. Its primary goal is to maximise human potential and scale up excellence. This fellowship program is an excellent chance for extraordinary young people to train to become innovation leaders.

To apply, you must be African and presently residing in their country, have a track record of achievement, be between the ages of 20 and 30, and have a hard skills.

Lateef Jakande Leadership Academy Fellowship Programme

The Lagos State Government sponsors Lateef Jakande Leadership Academy Fellowship for Young Nigerian Graduates. The initiative provides life-changing, non-partisan, and meritocratic opportunities to young Nigerians who want to make a difference in their generation. The program provides Fellows with first-hand knowledge of the governance process at the state level.

To apply, you must have at least three years of professional experience, be under 35, and have a bachelor’s degree. You must also have completed NYSC or have a letter of exemption.

Mastercard Ideas Matter Fellowship for West African Students

Through the Mastercard Ideas Matter Fellowship Program, the West African Research Association (WARA) collaborates with the Mastercard Foundation to help young West African scholars.

This initiative represents our shared commitment to expanding possibilities for young West African scholars, people who are converting ideas into active solutions to the region’s and the world’s concerns.

As a Nigerian who is in West Africa, you are eligible to apply for this fellowship.

Commonwealth Professional Fellowships for Developing Countries

The Commonwealth Professional Fellowships provide fully-funded opportunities for professional researchers, including flights from the fellow’s home country to the UK and a monthly salary of £2,197.

Successful applicants will also get an arrival allowance of up to £972.59 and the usual visa application price. Nigeria is part of the Commonwealth Nations; you are eligible to apply for this fellowship.


Applying for a fellowship program is more rigorous and detailed than applying for a job or university entrance. You must be aware of this and maintain the proper frame of mind. Organizers usually necessitate a more thorough application process.

This is because they want to know what each of their potential fellows have done, what knowledge and skills they have earned, and how all of this may be applied to the structure and scope of the fellowship program.

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