Canadian Immigration Steps Via Express Entry | How to Apply

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This article explains how to apply for the Canadian Immigration via Express Entry, with the detailed steps and the cost involved. Express Entry is the most popular immigration pathway to Canadian Permanent Residence.

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Express Entry is an online system the Canadian government uses to organize and process applications for skilled workers who wish to immigrate to Canada.

Canadian Immigration Steps

The following highlight the steps to follow in applying for Canadian Immigration via express entry:

1. Evaluate your certificate using agencies like WES, IQAS, ICAS etc. Start on time because it can take a long time.

2. Write IELTS/CELPIP General exam. Download Free IELTS Study Materials.

3. TEF or TCF exam (French version Exam).

4. Use 1-3 to create an express entry profile and then enter the express entry pool. You will get a score that the Canadian Govt works with.

5. Check your eligibility. If you are 30 years of age and above, express entry may not be favourable, except if you have more degrees and can do the French exam with high band scores. You should check provincial nomination options.

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6. If you are 19-29 with proof of funds, you can immigrate successfully without provincial nomination.

7. After all these are done, they will invite you to apply to be a permanent resident of Canada (if you’re one of the top candidates). You can only apply online if they send you an invitation to apply.

However, completing an online Express Entry profile or entering the pool doesn’t guarantee that you will be invited to apply for permanent residence.

Breakdown of Cost of Application

1. Evaluation of credentials: 220-280 CAD, including shipping. For WES evaluation, it’s around 250 CAD. Once your transcript gets to WES, it is evaluated for around 30 days.

2. Transcript processing from your school: About 166 USD in most Nigerian universities for instance.

3. General IELTS: About 200 USD. The minimum band score is 7.0/9 (see breakdown of band scores). It would be best if you had a good score, else you have to rewrite. Try to have at least 8 in speaking and 7 in others.

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4. Proof of fund: This is very important. It has to be in your account before you write the IELTS exam.

  • One person – $13,310
  • Two persons-$16,570
  • Three persons-$20,371
  • Four persons-$24,733
  • Five persons-$28,052 –
  • Six persons-$31,638
  • Seven persons-$35,224

5. Your application processing fee ($850) and right of permanent residence fee ($515): Total= $1,365

Questions & Answers

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