Inspire eLearning: Free Federal Government Initiative

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Every student deserves to develop their full potential. Proper pre-school preparation, and a focus on each student’s individual talents and their personal results help to achieve these goals.


That is why the Federal Ministry of Education has launched the initiative Inspire e-learning. This is to foster learning and development by bringing that classroom closer to you.

About Inspire e-learning Platform

It is a platform that allows students in Nigeria to register to start learning their favourite subjects, and of course, to improve on their weak subjects without limit.

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It also has a feature that allows people who love to teach to be instructors. They guide them with well-structured curriculums. All the way with requirements to create their first online lesson.

You also have the opportunity to Explore their Library of over 15,000 resources: Get access to our rich library of resources in different formats (videos, ebooks, audio lessons, etc.) to easily meet your preferred need.

Lessons are categorized into distinct and clear learning topics. All courses are based on the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC) standards for curricula, goals, and skills.


1. Basic Education

Resources in this category are targeted towards learners in classes PRIMARY1 to PRIMARY6, and JSS1 to JSS3. We’ve tailored our resources to suit these categories of learners.

2. Secondary Education

Resources for secondary school students are also well segmented for learners in classes SS1 to SS3. That way, we are able to deliver the ideal teaching approach for the learner.

3. Tertiary Education

Tertiary too? Yes! Our Inspire eLearning aims at delivering a go-to learning centre for all levels of students.

How to Apply

If you are interested, please Click here to Apply.

Inspire eLearning: Free Federal Government Initiative

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