Download Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers

Download Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers
Download Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers

The DRAGNET Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers (Verbal / Numerical I Abstract Reasoning) is a complete preparation pack for Entry-Level Recruitment

The test section measures your verbal reasoning ability, Logical reasoning and problem-solving ability. This material provides in-depth insight into how the test looked like in the past.


20-Numerical Reasoning Questions Time=20minutes
20-Verbal Reasoning Questions Time=20minutes
10-16 Abstract (Inductive) Reasoning Time=10minutes

Test Scoring System

The questions in this test all carry equal marks and no negative marking is applied. However, it is advisable that you double-check your answer choices.

The test format includes Numerical Reasoning, Verbal reasoning and Abstract reasoning. Usually the same questions for all candidates.

Use of Calculator

Use of calculators are not allowed, but the test administrator is at liberty to decide whether or not use of calculators will be permitted in the hall. So it is best you factor in this reality, and try to practice without using calculator.

Study Pack Navigation

Use the in-built navigation system (at the left side of this study pack) to quickly go to any section you want to study.


Please ensure that you go through all questions provided in this study pack to get a well-rounded preparation. All questions from Dragnet’s past entry-level job aptitude test.

Happy Studying!

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