Stackjunior Remote Sales Engineering Internship (SSEI 1.0)

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Deadline: 2023-05-07(y-m-d)

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Stackjunior is an ed-tech startup that partners with schools and educators to equip their students with quality tech skills.

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Through AI- assistance, Stackjunior creates online, animated and gamified video classes that teach tech skills such as AI and machine learning, Data analysis, App Development, Web Development etc.

The training is project-based hence, students will build projects such as games, mobile apps, AI solutions (like AI-based attendance system, AI voice assistance, AI-powered chatbots), analysis of data, e-commerce web apps and many more.

To ensure we deliver a plug-and-play approach where the school or teacher do not need any special training to run the program in class, students and their schools also have access to on-demand support from our learning facilitators, who are on standby to help resolve any challenge that comes up while learning. Badges and certificates are also awarded to reward students for their efforts and achievements.

Upon completion of our program, students become fully equipped with tech skills such that they can take up tech gigs, internships and jobs.

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The SSEI 1.0 is the maiden edition of the remote internship by Stackjunior targeted at highly-driven individuals who would love to work in the intersection between technology and sales. This internship will last for 3 months after which participants will become equipped with the necessary skills to become sales engineers and top interns will get the opportunity to get employed at Stackjunior.


After applying, Stackjunior will reach out to you (based on your application) via mail for an admission test. Once you pass the test, you will be admitted into the internship program.

Duration and Benefits:

  • 3 Months (Ready to dedicate 20+ hours per week with preferred availability on Mondays and Thursdays/Fridays)
  • Access to in-house and third-party training on Sales Engineering
  • Mentorship
  • Opportunity to work in real-life scenarios to gain practical experience.
  • Opportunity to earn during the internship through tasks
  • Certification as proof of skills
  • Opportunity to become employed at Stackjunior

How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should apply using the button below or click this link

Deadline: 7th May 2023

Stackjunior Remote Sales Engineering Internship (SSEI 1.0)
DISCLAIMER: Do not pay or release sensitive financial details to any organizer/recruiter unless verified by you.
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