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You have just completed a degree and are in search of top internship opportunities in world-leading financial institutions to better equip yourself for the labour world, here is a list of opportunities to guide you.


Work experience is an integral part of interview and recruitment processes across organizations worldwide.  However, with Internship and graduate trainee programs, fresh graduates are able to build their portfolio in readiness to fit into being employable.

Below are open internship and graduate trainee programs in banks and financial institutions across the world. If you have a desire to work in such institutions, here is how to launch your career.

1. 2022 GTCO Internship Programme for Young Nigerians

An exciting opportunity to intern with the Proudly African and Truly International Institution. The GTCO Internship Program offers OND …

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2. Apply As Young Students For 2022 United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Internship

The inclusive UNFPA Internship Programme offers outstanding students the opportunity to acquire direct exposure to UNFPA operations. It is designed to …

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3. Apply for 2022 Payday Ambassador Program for Africans [Earn up to $1000]

The Payday Ambassador Program provides Africans with the opportunity to serve as liaisons between Payday and their communities. It’s a great way for …

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4. 2022 Wema Bank Marketing Associate Program for Young Nigerian

Wema Bank is in need of Marketing Associates, who are expected to coordinate with all other departments of the bank and develop various marketing strategies …

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5. World Bank Recruitment Drive for Africa Programme 2021-2022

African professionals can now apply for the World Bank Recruitment Drive for Africa programme 2021. Below is a detailed guide containing all available …

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