5 Top Opportunities Writers/Poets can take Advantage of

Are you a writer or poet who believes you have what it takes to achieve great success with your writing? I will recommend Five (5) opportunities for you to apply.

These opportunities are made available by several respected organizations and have various submission deadlines. Please make an effort to send one or more of your submissions to them before the deadlines. Who knows, this might just be what your writing career needs. For more opportunities, kindly visit our home page.

These are the five (5) Opportunities Writers/Poets Can Take Advantage of:

1. APPLY: 2024 KAC Global Tobacco Harm Reduction Scholarship Program For International Students

Building on the successes of previous scholarship programmes, Knowledge•Action•Change (K•A•C) is pleased to announce the launch of the 7th K•A•C Global Tobacco Harm Reduction Scholarship Program.

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2. Discourse Monthly Writing Competition for the Month of November 2023

The theme of this month’s writing competition is Hunger. Food has a special place in everyone’s heart. It’s tied to so many memories. We cook meals passed down from generation to generation to connect with our families. We eat our favorite pint of ice cream to get over a breakup. We poor a beer to make a new friend. What we eat literally and figuratively sustains us. And because of that, our hunger defines us.

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3. Commonwealth Short Story Prize Writing Contest 2024 for unpublished short fiction (£15,000 in Cash Prize)

The Commonwealth Short Story Prize is an annual award for unpublished short fiction administered and funded by the Commonwealth Foundation.

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4. Gya Labs Research Paper Contest 2023 (Win a $5,000 prize)

Applications are open for the Gya Labs Research Paper Contest 2023. Anyone and everyone who has a penchant for writing and is in awe of the aromatic world of essential oils are invited to write about it.

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5. Remote Copywriters Needed at Dear Gabby, Inc.

We’re looking for an experienced copywriter to define and manage the voice of the brand, as it is conveyed in words, at every point in the customer journey, from the moment someone first learns about Gabby Bernstein to their 10th anniversary as a Gabby subscriber.

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