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These ChatGPT prompts will land you your dream job

AI or ChatGPT precisely is not necessarily here to take your job, but to get a better one.  In fact, if you are currently unemployed, you can use ChatGPT to land your dream job.

Copy and paste these ChatGPT prompts to land your dream job, depending on the task at hand. Don’t forget to share this post. Also, learn how to write Effective AI Prompts for Career and Income Boost.

1. Networking on LinkedIn for Job Opportunity:

Prompt: “Create a message to connect with a professional at [Company] on LinkedIn, discussing my interest in the [Title] position and how my background in [Specific Field/Technology] makes me a strong candidate.”

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2. Write a Cover Letter:

Prompt: “Write a cover letter for the role of [Title] at [Company], emphasizing my experience in [Specific Field/Technology]. Mention how my contributions at [Previous Company] align with the job requirements: <Copy/paste job description>.”

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3. Write a Resume from Scratch:

Prompt: “Write resume for [Title] at [company], [X] years of experience, 3-5 bullet points per role and include 10 key job description keywords. Past titles: [Company A-Y years, Company B-Z years].
<Copy/paste job description>.”

4. Check if Resume match with Job Description

Prompt: “Review if my skills and the job description for the [Title] position at [Company] match? Tell mismatch percentage.
Job description: [paste text/link]
My Skills: [Add your Skills]”

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These ChatGPT prompts will land you your dream job

5. Update Resume

Prompt: “Update my resume for the [Title] role at [Company] by focusing on relevant skills mentioned in the job description.
Job Description: [copy/paste job description]
Current Resume: [copy/ paste current resume]”

6. Email to send Resume and Cover Letter

Prompt: “Compose an email to send my resume and cover letter for the [Title] position at [Company] to an employer: [employer email], highlight my key achievements at [Previous Company] and express my enthusiasm for the role.”

7. Prepare for Interview

Prompt: “Provide me a list of [number] interview questions based on job description. Job description: [paste text/link]”

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8. Conduct a Mock Interview

Prompt: “Conduct a technical mock interview for the [Job Role]. I am applying for this position. Ask me 15 questions related to [Specific Field/Technology], one after the other, gauging my expertise.”

9. Introduce Yourself

Prompt: “Prepare a brief introduction about myself focusing on my experiences in [Specific Field/Technology] for the [Title] interview at [Company].”

10. Follow-up Email

Prompt: “Craft a follow-up email to inquire about the status of your application for the [Title] role at [Company].”

Using ChatGPT for job hunting is a clever hack. It’s amazing how AI can open doors for you and I. It is only left for us to exploit it to our advantage.

Compiled by Grema Yahaya Alhaji.

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