7 Free Trainings and Opportunities for Tech Enthusiasts

They say Tech is the new oil. Well, that may be debatable. But it doesn’t matter. The most important thing here is that of all the richest people in the world, six hail from tech.

You want to know them? Fine.

  1. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos,
  2. Microsoft founder Bill Gates,
  3. Google founders
    • Larry Page and
    • Sergey Brin,
  4. Oracle founder Larry Ellison and
  5. former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

But aren’t we going too far with this? We are. Let’s not talk about world billionaires who most of us haven’t set our eyes on before.

Let’s talk about our colleagues, classmates, cousins, neighbours and even friends who are currently making huge bucks with nothing else but tech.

Tech has empowered many youths who would have been following news bulletins and job boards for open vacancies.

Tech has saved thousands of youths from the shackles of unemployment currently plaguing Nigeria.

So without much ado, let’s get into it.

7 Free Trainings and Opportunities for Tech Enthusiasts

In this archive, you will find 7 free trainings and opportunities you can consider applying for. Click the link, read the information and guidelines, then apply. Good luck.

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