96-Year-Old Africa Woman Makes History as best  Graduating Student

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At an impressive 96 years young, Violet Edwards has achieved a historic milestone by becoming the oldest African-American woman to graduate from college. She accomplished this remarkable feat by earning her degree from Mercy College in New York, United States.

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Born in 1925 in Jamaica, Violet Edwards was the youngest child in her family and displayed a passion for learning from a very early age.

She blazed a trail in her village by becoming the first student to attend Happy Grove High School in Jamaica, all thanks to a full academic scholarship.

Violet’s pursuit of education faced unique challenges during World War II when she took the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate exams.

These exams had to be sent to England for grading, and there were concerns about their safety during the war. Miraculously, her exams made it to England unscathed, and she passed with flying colors.

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In the early 1980s, Violet Edwards enrolled at the College of New Rochelle in New York, United States, though she reluctantly had to leave due to financial constraints.

Undeterred, she embarked on a successful career with the Jamaica Postal Service, where she achieved the remarkable milestone of becoming the first female regional inspector appointed by the service.

Throughout her career, Violet remained committed to her family’s well-being, ensuring that her daughter pursued a medical education. Today, her daughter, Dr. Christine Edwards, holds the esteemed position of medical director at the Florida Perinatal Center, LLC in the United States.

This incredible story of resilience, lifelong learning, and family support is an inspiration to us all.

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