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Copy and paste these ChatGPT prompts to reduce work hours

Truth is, you can do so much more with AI and ChatGPT, which is because we are living now in such a limitless time.

Save hundreds of work hours by exploiting the full potential of ChatGPT while using these prompts for most of your daily job tasks.

Hey, are you job hunting? Don’t worry, these ChatGPT prompts will land you your dream job.

1. Get Startup Ideas

Get startup ideas with AI Prompts

With just Single Prompt (check above image), you can get:

  • Business Idea Name
  • Potential Market Value
  • Target Audience

2. Twitter Thread Ideas


“Create an engaging and detailed Twitter thread of <number> tweets on <topic>. Add relevant examples.”

3. Write a Resume from Scratch

Write a Resume from Scratch with AI Prompts

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“Write resume for [Title] at [company], [X] years of experience, 3-5 bullet points per role and include 10 key job description keywords. Past titles: [Company A-Y years, Company B-Z years].
<Copy/paste job description>.”

4. Generate Summaries and Key Highlights

ChatGPT has the capability to generate summaries of articles or reports, allowing you to quickly grasp the essence of long-form content.


“Give me summary and then listed key highlights in simple language: <paste long text/add URL>”

5. Test Preparation

Test preparation with AI prompts

Prompt in image

With just a Single Prompt, you can get:

  • Resources list
  • Link
  • Overview of resource

6. Blog Post


“Write a blog post on <topic> of over 1000 words. Include the keywords :<keywords>”

7. Decision Making

Decision making with AI Prompts


“Can you highlight the pros and cons of <Decision> in table format? Please factor in aspects such as <factors of decision>”

8. Networking on LinkedIn for Job Opportunity

Networking on Linkedin for job opportunity with AI prompts


“Create a message to connect with a professional at [Company] on LinkedIn, discussing my interest in the [Title] position and how my background in [Specific Field/Technology] makes me a strong candidate.”

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