How to Be an Intelligent Adult: Staying with Current Social Trends

As an adult, it’s most likely your children sees you as an ‘old-school’. You know, they think you are outdated and your education, idea, and philosophy are obsolete. However, there are ways you can stay informed with today’s world innovations and inventions in order to converse with them at the level that expect.

You want to be seen as intelligent and informed. You want to catch up with the present ideas around the world, but somehow it is difficult for you because you are kept busy with work, parenting, etc.

How can you successfully set a good example for your children in spite of your busy schedule? In this article, I will share with you some tips that can help you in this regard.

Tip 1: Keep Reading

Always read something, no matter what it is. Reading is not so difficult as some people think, though it is not possible for you to read every book that’s available, it is however possible to read every day. Thanks to technology, there are apps that can read e-books for you (audiobooks), just select the area of your interest and buy or download for free. You can leverage on Amazon KDP for this.

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Tip 2: Keep Informed Friends

Make friends with informed people, and keep them in your circle. For you to be well informed and to keep learning as an adult, you shouldn’t keep friends whose hobby are gossiping, jesting etc. You should leverage on moving with people who can positively challenge your idea, thought process etc. Move with people that inspire you. You can form a group with these friends at your leisure and tasks yourself on what to read or know and form a discussion forum on them. The discussions can be either online or physical, based on what is comfortable for all of you.

Tip 3: Be Media-Friendly

Make the television, internet and the radio your friends. There are many educative programs on television that can keep you well-informed and current with what is trending in the world. Also, keep track of news and world events. Keep tracks of trending issues and seek commentaries on them in order to stay in the right state of mind amidst these issues.

Tip 4: Take Online Courses

Register for free online courses. There are several online courses that explore these modern soft skills you need to stay in the know and address most of the current issues facing this generation. Online learning is one of the best ways to gain new knowledge as it gives you the liberty to choose the field you want to explore. It’s important to note that some of these courses also offer free certificates in case you desire that.

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