How to build a reading habit

It is important to know that reading is not something to force. In other words, you should not read against your will. The following tips will give you insight on how to build a reading habit effortlessly.

Tip 1: Set time

The moment you decide to read consistently, you should set a time to do it every day. The time doesn’t need to be hours, 5-10 minutes will do. You can choose to read before going to bed or after your breakfast for at least 5 minutes. With this, you would begin to see reading as a mandate around that scheduled time, and gradually the dedicated time for your reading will increase.

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Tip 2: Carry a book always

Make sure wherever you go, you have at least a book with you, something to keep you busy in case you are idle: sitting at a park, waiting for an appointment, lunch breaks etc. The book may even come to use when you have a free period or a lecture-free class). Carrying a book with you gives you the luxury of using reading to maximize your time and keep your mind in order.

Tip 3: Make a list (Wishlist)

It’s advisable to prepare a list of books you will love to read. You can keep this list in your diary, Email draft or a notebook. This list will help you remain on track, and besides it sometimes becomes difficult to decide what to read next, but with the list, you are covered. Ensure you keep the list flexible, though, so you can be able to add and remove from the list at will. To start with, you can get amazing free E-books on ACEworld Bookstore.

Tip 4: Make alone time and place

We are built differently, but most people can’t enjoy reading in a noisy or crowded environment because it tends to rid you of concentration. Since you have set an alone time, find a cool and quiet place in your home where you are free from noise and disturbances, then get yourself comfortable, perhaps by resting your back or sitting up against a table.

Tip 5: Reduce browsing time

You have decided to make reading a habit, you need to do more by cutting down the time you spend on social media platforms and TV. Also, when reading, try as much as possible to keep thee TV off and put your devices on silence.

Tip 6: Use the Library

The library is arguably the best place to read, at least for most people. The atmosphere in the library helps to support your interest in reading and make you comfortable. The library can also be of help with the books to read. It is where you can get access to amazing books that will actually worth your time. Plan your schedule in such a way that you would be able to visit the library at least once every week.

Tip 7: Start easy

You are just building a routine in reading, do not start with books that may end up killing your interest. Start your reading habit with books that are fun, suspense-filled, compelling, adventurous and even with graphical illustrations. You can start with magazines, story books, journals, poems etc. With this, your interest in reading will be preserved and in no time, you’ll be successful in your quest to become an ardent reader.

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