Check out these 8 Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in June 2023

An entrepreneur is someone who begins a new business, taking the majority of the risks and getting the majority of the rewards. it is the process of launching a business. Entrepreneurs are generally viewed as innovators, providing new ideas, products, services, and business/or operations.

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Getting just the grants and opportunities to help you ease your life as an entrepreneur is the right thing you need. I’ll present you with Eight opportunities you should take advantage of. Apply on time as they all have deadlines. Visit our home page to find out more opportunities.

Eight Entrepreneur opportunities to apply:

1. FATE Foundation ScaleUp Lab Education Accelerator Programme 2023 for young Nigerians

The FATE Foundation ScaleUp Lab Education Accelerator program is designed to help high-potential growth-stage businesses in the education industry in Nigeria unlock their full potential.

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2. The Legatum Center at MIT Foundry Fellowship 2023 for young African Entrepreneurs

The Foundry Fellowship is a six-month, transformative experience for accomplished entrepreneurs who are committed to leading the acceleration and interconnection of Africa’s innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems.

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3. World Dream Showcase 2023 (Win a trip to Tokyo, Japan)

“Is a business contest the only place to support dreams?” With this question in mind, World Road and One Young World Japan decided to create a stage purely for dreams.

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4. ARM Labs Lagos Techstars Accelerator Program 2023 for early-stage fintech and TalentTech companies

The ARM Labs Lagos Techstars Accelerator Program invests in early-stage startups based in Africa with a focus on FinTech, Mobility, E-commerce, and TalentTech.

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5. NewGen Renewable Energy Accelerator Programme 2023

Applications are open for the NewGen Renewable Energy Accelerator Programme 2023.

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6. INGENIOUS Innovation Grants 2023 (up to €60,000)

Applications are open for the INGENIOUS Innovation Grants 2023.

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7. Global Good Fund 2024 Fellowships for young Social Entrepreneurs across the globe

The Global Good Fund Fellowship is a 12-month hybrid leadership program for social entrepreneurs around the world.

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8. The develoPPP Ventures Ideas Competition for African Entrepreneurs

Suitable start-ups to be funded through develoPPP Ventures are selected during an open ideas competition.

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Happy new month and cheers to your success!

DISCLAIMER: Do not pay or release sensitive financial details to any organizer/recruiter unless verified by you.
Kindly share this opportunity with and others. Thank you.

Talithacumi Edom

Talithacumi Edom, a seasoned editor at Latest Opportunities, is an experienced Ghostwriter, a professional CAC registrations Service Provider, and a business enthusiast raising her bars everyday.

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