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Are you looking for well-funded Fellowships and short-term professional, academic, and/or personal development opportunities?  Then here are 6 (six)  rewarding  fellowship opportunities you should apply for.

Apply for these Fellowship Opportunities as soon as possible before the deadlines. You can also see other opportunities on our Latest Opportunities home page.

Here are 6 (six) Fellowship Opportunities for you to apply for:

1. EcoHeroes Initiative 2023/2024 for Secondary School Students in Africa

Green Growth Africa is implementing the ‘EcoHeroes Initiative’ to empower African youths with action competencies by acquiring and applying their classroom knowledge and skills gained in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM), and Arts to address environmental and social challenges within their local communities.

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2. WomHub Africa Innovation Fellowship Programme 2023 for women-owned Engineering businesses

Calling all women-owned Engineering businesses to join the Africa Innovation Fellowship Programme!

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3. IBM Masters Fellowship Awards 2024

The IBM Masters Fellowship Program advances this collaboration by recognizing and supporting exceptional Masters students who want to make their mark in promising and disruptive technologies, regardless of their field of study.

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4. 2023 Misk Accelerator for Tech Startups

Applications are open for the Misk Accelerator 2023.

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5. YALI RLC West Africa Emerging Leaders Program – Cohort 46 (onsite) in Accra, Ghana (Fully Funded)

The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) was launched by the United States Government, to train the next generation of African Leaders who will shape the future of African business and entrepreneurship, civil society leadership, and public sector management.

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6. APPLY: 2023 Wema Bank/ EDC Mastercard Transforming Nigerian Youth Program

The Wema Bank/ EDC Mastercard Transforming Nigerian Youth program aims to create a network of entrepreneurial and managerial change-makers specifically youths and women across the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) sector in Nigeria.

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