2022 Queen Mary Wasafiri New Writing Prize 

Deadline (y-m-d): 2022-06-30

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Before entering the prize, please read the Terms and Conditions carefully. You may enter two manuscripts to the prize (£10 for one entry, £16 for double entry), either in the same or different categories. You may complete the form more than once if you wish to submit more than two entries. Subsidized entry is available for those who would otherwise be unable to enter the prize; details of this are below.  

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Eligibility Queen Mary Wasafiri New Writing Prize 

1: The competition is open to anyone who has not published a book-length work of fiction, life writing, or poetry, except for self-published works or poetry chapbooks

2: Entries must not have been previously published in any form (excluding live performances or shares on personal blogs or social media channels).

3: If entries are published, or accepted for publication, elsewhere between submission and shortlisting, they will no longer be eligible. You must inform us immediately if work submitted to the prize is then accepted for publication elsewhere by emailing [email protected]

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4: The competition is not open to members of the Wasafiri Board or Wasafiri staff, any individual involved in the administration of the prize, or their families.

5: Entries must be completed through the submissions form no later than 5 pm BST on Thursday 30 June 2022.

6: Failure to meet the conditions of entry will mean that submission is automatically disqualified from the competition. The entry fee will not be refunded.

Format of entries For Queen Mary Wasafiri New Writing Prize 

7:  No entry may exceed 3,000 words.

8: All prizes are for short works, not for novel/memoir extracts. While extracts from longer works are eligible, they must stand alone as complete works in their own right.

9: A single poetry entry can include up to three poems, which together total no more than 3,000 words. Each poem must be submitted as a separate document.

10: Do not write your name or provide any other form of identification on your manuscript or in the document title. All submissions will be considered anonymously.

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11: Work must be typed, in a legible font, font size 12, double-spaced, A4, and submitted as a .doc file or similar (no PDFs).  

12: Manuscripts cannot be altered after submission.


13: Entries are considered accepted through our website once the fee is paid. All successful submissions will receive an acknowledgment. If you do not receive an acknowledgment, there may have been a problem with your entry; in this case, check your email spam folder, and then contact [email protected] to confirm successful receipt.

14: Fee is per entry: £10 for a single entry, £16 for a double entry. You may make multiple entries if you would like to do so by completing the entry form multiple times.

15: We offer a limited number of subsidized entries at a rate of £6 per entry, which must be accompanied by a brief explanation of the entrant’s need for subsidized entry. No documentation is necessary. There is the capacity for 25 subsidized entries per month during the months that the prize is open (January-June inclusive).

Prize giving and publication  

16: No more than one piece by any writer will be shortlisted for the prize in a single category in a single year, and no person may win in more than one category in a single year.

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17: Shortlisted entrants will be notified by email in early September 2022 and must confirm the eligibility of their work before the shortlist is confirmed.

18: Acceptance of a place on the shortlist will indicate the author’s agreement to their work being published in Wasafiri in print or online, and included in a possible anthology. 

19: The judges’ decision is final. No discussion concerning the judges’ decision will be entered into.

20: The entry fee is non-refundable.

Please direct any queries that are not answered by these terms and conditions here.

Enter the 2021 Queen Mary Wasafiri New Writing Prize 

For subsidized entry, click here. Do not complete both forms

The Application Deadline is 30th June 2022

2022 Queen Mary Wasafiri New Writing Prize 

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