6 Opportunities for Techies in October 2023

With the Tech industry booming at dizzying speed, many new innovators are emerging from unexpected locations. That is why there are more start-ups and people entering the tech industry while pitching for opportunities to skyrocket their career.

Today, I am sharing with you six (6) opportunities for people in Tech to explore and achieve their targets for the year and beyond.

The deadlines for these opportunities for people in technology differ, but they may give you essential exposure for your career and profession. More opportunities can be found on our home page, do make sure to look them up.

Here are six (6) opportunities for techies to apply for:

1. Baobab Network Accelerator 2023/2024 for African Tech Founders ($100,000 Funding)

Applications for the Baobab Network Accelerator 2023/2024 for African Tech Founders are now open. The Baobab Network Accelerator seeks to invest in the next generation of African tech entrepreneurs.

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2. Mastercard Start Path Small Business Program for Startups Worldwide

Mastercard Start Path Small Business Program is a four-month program for startups to collaborate with Mastercard to scale solutions that drive simple, secure digital experiences for SMEs.

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3. 2023 NITDA in Partnership with Coursera Scholarship (Tech Learning Pathway)

Tech Learning Pathway:  this is focused on specific areas of IT including data engineering, data science, data analytics, mobile and web development, IT security and infrastructure.

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4. The Aurora Tech Award 2024 for Women Tech Founders ($USD 60,000 Prize)

The Aurora Tech Award is an annual global prize for women founders of tech startups.

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5. Frontend Development Internship at Omega Digital Technologies

We are looking for engineers who are motivated by creating an impact for our consumers and customers, growing together as a team, shipping the MVP, and leaving things better than they found them.

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6. Stanbic IBTC Digital Graduate Trainee Program (DigiTAP) 2023 for Young Nigerian Graduates

The Stanbic IBTC Digital Graduate Trainee Program (DigiTAP) is designed to aid the identification and attraction of unique digitally savvy candidates, equip and position them to be able to drive the future digital and technology objectives of Stanbic IBTC Group.

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Cumi Edom
Cumi Edom

Talithacumi Edom, a seasoned editor at Latest Opportunities, is an experienced Ghostwriter, a professional CAC registrations Service Provider, and a business enthusiast raising her bars everyday.

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