Green Entrepreneurship Awards 2023 for Enterprises in Sustainable Development

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Applications are invited for the Green Entrepreneurship Awards 2023. The Green Entrepreneurship Awards is an awards scheme designed to celebrate the most innovative and promising locally led enterprises in sustainable development.


Each year, multiple award categories are offered, ranging from country- or region-specific topics. This year there are two (2) categories: SEED Climate Adaptation Awards and Circular Economy Awards.

Green Entrepreneurship Awards


Prize money of maximum EUR 15,000 matching grant

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Accelerator Support package which includes:
up to 12 months tailored capacitybuilding workshops from your enterprise’s need assessment.
up to 12 months one-on-one expert advice.
You will develop the investment readiness and operational excellence of your established eco-inclusive enterprise in order to effectively scale-up your business

Runner up

SEED Catalyser Support package which includes:
up to 6 months capacity-building workshops from your enterprise’s needs assessment
up to 6 months group expert advice with peer-learning opportunity.
The programme will guide you to refine your business model in order to optimise your environmental, social and economic impacts and improve investment readiness as your future scale-up plan.

Winners and Runners-up will also receive:

  • Replication Support: For selected enterprises ready and willing to replicate their business activities in another region or country a dedicated replication support package will prepare you in getting ready for the next steps of replication.
  • Tools: Self-help tools that enable enterprises to prioritise and address their most urgent needs, for example conducting market analysis, developing a funding strategy, mapping stakeholder relationships and measuring impact.
  • Profiling: Winners and Runners-up are profiled nationally and regionally through a high-level Awards Ceremony as well as internationally through the programmes marketing and promotional activities such as their website, blog, social media and on-ground events.
  • Network Building: the Green Entrepreneurship Awards Programme facilitates connections with valuable contacts to support organisations, such as funders, policy-makers, Alumni, other SMEs, as well as Partners and Associates.

Green Entrepreneurship Awards Eligibility

SEED Climate Adaptation Awards: Botswana, Malawi, Zambia

SEED Climate Adaptation Awards are open for enterprises that prevent or minimise damages caused by global warming and fluctuating weather patterns. In other words, SEED Climate Adaptation Awards look for enterprises that provide solutions to respond to effects of climate change or prepare for future impacts. Examples include supporting efficient use of scarce water resources; developing drought-tolerant crops; food insecurity prevention; coastal management, natural disasters management and warning system etc.

Circular Economy Awards: India, Kenya

Circular Economy Awards are open for enterprises with innovative business models that address circularity challenges in India and Kenya. Examples including reducing inputs or switching to renewable inputs; maximizing utility of resources; increasing durability and lifespan of products; and retaining value of resources etc.

Green Entrepreneurship Awards Selection Requirements

  • Contribute to Climate Adaptation (Botswana, Malawi, Zambia) or Circular Economy (India, Kenya);
  • Deliver economic, social and environmental benefits locally;
  • Have a strong business model with market traction;
  • Be financially sustainable and scalable; and
  • Be in a partnership that drives local impact.

How to Apply

To apply all you need to do is click the link below:

The application deadline for this program is March 23, 2023

Green Entrepreneurship Awards 2023 for Enterprises in Sustainable Development

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