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Green Web Foundation Fellowship 2023-2024 (Stipend of €6,000)

Applications are open for the Green Web Foundation Fellowship 2023-2024. The Green Web Foundation is seeking five practitioners in digital rights and climate justice who want to build bridges across these movements. Apply today for a paid part-time fellowship of six months. Successful fellows will be supported in a peer-learning program and deliver a community-based project that contributes to digital rights and climate justice.

The purpose of this fellowship is to build bridges across the movements for digital rights and climate justice. Whether you are a technologist, researcher, activist or policy maker: if you are interested in this intersection, and see potentials for a project, this fellowship is for you!

This fellowship builds on the findings and opportunities identified by the Green Screen coalition and the landscape analysis it commissioned about this intersection. Past examples of successful projects were: a climate litigator skilled up on their open data practices to make legal activism in Latin America more effective; a web developer learned about climate justice so that a major open source project would take action beyond simply more green code; a digital policy maker created resources for digital security and trustworthy climate information for climate justice activists from the global south.


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Fellows will:

  • dedicate 5 hours a week to their fellowship for 6 months.
  • design and deliver a fellowship project that contributes to digital rights and climate justice.
  • participate in weekly cohort calls and regular self-directed learning while documenting their experience in the open.
  • write monthly blog posts about their experience and learnings during the fellowship.


A successful fellow:

  • Is an active practitioner in the movements for digital rights and/or climate justice and is eager to explore how these movements can learn from and support one another.
  • Has a clearly articulated project that serves a community that the fellow is a part of and bridges the movements for digital rights and climate justice in a practical way. Some areas for projects could be: open data for climate justice; digital security for environmental land right defenders; digital sustainable infrastructures; fossil-free internet; building open source technology to tackle the climate crisis; combating climate mis- and disinformation; or countering digital and environmental extractivism.
  • Takes action towards more just and sustainable futures, holds collaborative space for their communities, and is dedicated to self reflection in their practice.
  • Is affiliated with an organization or works independently.

Duration and Benefits

Fellows receive:

  • A stipend of €6,000 to compensate their time.
  • A project budget available upon request for collaborators, materials, travel and other expenses for the proposed project.
  • Mentorship from experienced practitioners in greening the internet, climate justice, digital rights and facilitative leadership.

How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should apply using the button below or click this link

Deadline: 31st October, 2023

Green Web Foundation Fellowship 2023-2024 (Stipend of €6,000)


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