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5 Awards & Prizes To Apply For On Latest Opportunities

Today, I will present five (5) opportunities that can allow you to win awesome awards and prizes, especially monetary ones and funding.

Explore these opportunities carefully. Each opportunity has its deadline, and the sponsors can close them at that time of their deadlines. Please visit our home website for more information about available opportunities.

5 Awards & Prizes On Latest Opportunities:

1. 2022 UNESCO-India-Africa Hackathon for African Entrepreneurs

The UNESCO INDIA – AFRICA Hackathon is an annual 36 hours event that brings together students, educators, teachers, and the research community of India and its African partners to tackle the common challenges faced by their countries and serves as a facilitator for cultural amalgamation.

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2. 2022 Andela EPIC Tournament (win up to $10,000)

Applications for the Andela EPIC Tournament 2022 are now open. As 2022 draws to a close, it’s time to level up the playing field for the year ahead – and have some fun in the process. Andela’s EPIC Tournament is the techie tournament of a lifetime, and they want you to join their global premier league. Upskill in coding, grow your community, and win up to $10,000 USD in cash prizes with the EPIC Tournament!

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3. 2023 Les Margaret Awards for Women Entrepreneur

JFD is calling on women from Europe and Africa, engaged in bold technological bets that create disruptive innovations to change the world, to apply for Les Margaret Awards, open to 3 categories: Entrepreneur, Intrapreneur, and Junior. JFD will reward women from Europe and Africa for their creativity, audacity, and innovation through 3 award categories: Entrepreneur, Intrapreneur, and Junior, each of which will include a European and African winner.

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4. 2023 Harvard GSD Wheelwright Prize for Early-career Architects (up to $100,000)

Applications are open for the Harvard GSD Wheelwright Prize 2023. The Harvard GSD’s Wheelwright Prize is an international competition for early-career architects. The Wheelwright Prize is dedicated to advancing original architectural research that shows potential to make a significant impact on architectural discourse.

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5. 2023 The Roux Prize for health innovation ($100,000 Prize)

The Roux Prize was created to honor individuals or groups from around the world who have used health evidence in bold, innovative and impactful ways. David and Barbara Roux established the $100,000 Roux Prize in 2013 to reward innovation in the application of disease burden research. The prize recognizes the person who has used health evidence in bold ways to make people healthier – and to highlight just what’s possible when visionaries use health evidence to change lives.

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